Science is taught via six, one-hour lessons, per two week cycle. KS3 Science is taught in themed units such as 'Survival Expedition' &  'I'm a Scientist Get Me Out of Here'. You will also develop your skills and ideas through a variety of practical activities. 

Activities support the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework in many ways, in particular researching, using measuring skills, organising ideas and information in a structure and writing accurately using scientific language. Numeric reasoning is developed throughout the Key Stage.

For your homework you will be required to complete a variety of tasks during the year including numeracy tasks, comprehension exercises & mini project or research based reports. 

Copies of the Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 homework booklets that you will complete throughout the year can be found below.
KS3 Science Introduction
intro booklet.docx intro booklet.docx
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Year 7 Homework Packs
Yr 7 Sep-Oct.pdf Yr 7 Sep-Oct.pdf
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Yr 7-Nov-Dec.pdf Yr 7-Nov-Dec.pdf
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Yr 7 Jan-Feb.pdf Yr 7 Jan-Feb.pdf
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Yr 7 March-April.pdf Yr 7 March-April.pdf
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Year 8 Homework Packs
Yr 8 Sep-Oct.pdf Yr 8 Sep-Oct.pdf
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Yr 8 Nov-Dec.pdf Yr 8 Nov-Dec.pdf
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Yr 8 Jan-Feb.pdf Yr 8 Jan-Feb.pdf
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Yr 8 March-April.pdf Yr 8 March-April.pdf
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Year 9 Homework Packs
Yr 9 Sep-Oct.pdf Yr 9 Sep-Oct.pdf
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