The Dreaded 'R' word.....Revision

Revision isn't a complicated idea. It’s about doing somethingHere you can find a number of tools and resources to help you do just that. Click on the link at the top of this page for the course you are following and it will take you to a page of revision notes, Power Points, Mind Maps, Past Papers, Mark Schemes along with a host of other tools to help you with your exam preparation.  

These are just a few revision ideas to get you started:

  • Use past papers to practise exam technique
  • Write revision notes as summaries from a range of sources
  • Produce mindmaps/revision cards then use them
  • Asking and answering questions with peers
  • Learn definitions using cover/write/check
  • Link concepts with examples and consequences-try the 6 mark QWC questions.
  • Summarise advantages/disadvantages, comparisons with linked ideas/examples 
  • Practise using equations with the mathematical questions, 

You can also follow us on Twitter @PCCSScience for regular updates and ideas about useful websites, apps and resources along with our 'High-5' daily revision workout.

GCSE Examination Dates Summer 2017 

Year 11

GCSE Additional Biology B2                          Tues 16th May pm

GCSE Additional Chemistry C2                       Thurs 18th May am

GCSE Additional Physics P2                          Wed 24th May pm

GCSE Triple Science Biology B3                     Tues 16th May pm

GCSE Triple Science Chemsitry C3                  Thurs 18th May am

GCSE Triple Physics P3                              Wed 24th May pm

GCSE Examination Dates Summer 2017

Year 10 (New Specification)

         GCSE Biology                                         Wed 14th June am         

GCSE Chemistry                                     Fri 16th June am

GCSE Physics                                        Mon 19th June am